Recognizing an Anniversary

We laid my mother, Barbara Eakman, to rest a year ago today. Her body lies together with my father and brother in Colleyville, just a few miles from where she raised our family. I’ve never been much for gravesites as all their memories live within me but I felt compelled to visit on a recent trip to Texas. It was helpful to mark the passage of a year. 

I actually sat down to write a longer post but it became too personal. I’d simply like to note that I miss them greatly. It was a really tough year for me personally. And that time does help heal. I still have so many great memories and I recognize how lucky I was to have this family in the first place. I’m also looking forward to picking our kids up from camp this year with a lot more celebration and joy for the family we’ve created in this generation. 

So, hug your loved ones and tell them you love them. Keep your affairs in order. And enjoy the time you have on this planet. Here’s a fun pic of a certain 1980s family enjoying themselves on the slopes in better times.