The transition is nearly complete. And funny enough the stress level has never been higher.

It’s been a year since we firmly decided to leave Austin and move to Boulder. It was something we had been talking about for at least a year before we committed to it. Then we told our friends in January. Now, nearly 2 years on that thing we’ve been talking about has become a reality.

The movers are scheduled, houses are closing, plane tickets are purchased. The logistics are in full motion with a 1,000 moving parts that we just won’t be able to optimize. We’ve sold 2 houses, a boat, a truck, and scattered many of our goods that aren’t making the trip among friends and family vacation homes. We’ve got workers fixing things in our old houses and in our new house too. We picked a paint color on a facetime video – hope we like it when we show up. Lumens, Lightology, Room & Board, Restoration Hardware, & Amazon have all nominated us as customer of the year….

The execution is actually a distraction from the emotion. We now acknowledge that we’re likely leaving Austin and Texas with no intention or expectation of coming back. We remain super excited about Boulder and think it will be a really healthy move for us as a family and a great place to raise our kids. The two emotions of departure and arrival are actually mutually exclusive. There is a sense of change, and loss, that comes with a move. Yes, there are new dreams but you are altering so many of the plans that you had made. And you appreciate the memories but you also pine for those things that you didn’t get done. A move marks a life transition.

As much as we try to process and control it – Melissa and I both are showing signs of stress and emotion. Sleep patterns, eating habits, energy levels. The body is telling us what the mind is denying. Sometimes you just have to acknowledge where you stand.  Human like habits & stability.  We’re ready to find a new normal.

We’re spending a long weekend at Texoma with friends and family for the 4th of July. A tradition we do expect to continue. I plan to spend it engaged in the moment and remaining thankful for our time in Austin.

And hey Boulder – see you in 2 weeks!